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JetBrains is a manufacturer of professional development tools for software developers and managers of software projects.

The JetBrains programs are available for the operating systems Windows, Linux and macOS. The first tool developed by JetBrains and probably the best known is IntelliJ IDEA, originally a development environment for the Java programming language only.

Scope and use of floating licenses of JetBrains

IT has purchased 30 floating licenses of the "All Products Pack" for DESY. The licences are managed via a licence server. The license server is called "zitlic05".

Each of these floating licenses is only valid for a certain period of time and is automatically extended for the next time frame if the license server is connected.

If there is no more connection to the license server after the time frame has expired, the user gets a popup hint that he should save his project/work and that the respective software is closed. If you would like to continue working with the program, please reconnect to the Internet and start the program again.

Release floating license again

If you are not currently using the JetBrains program, please release the license so that other users can use it.

To release a floating license, simply close the JetBrains program. This will make the floating license available to other users again.

Content of "All Products Packs"

JetBrains programs can be installed and run on Windows, Linux and macOS. Here you can see an overview with all programs included in the "All Products Pack".

Click on "Download" to the right of the corresponding program name. You will be forwarded to the download page of the manufacturer. There you can select your operating system and download the desired installation file.

Install and manage JetBrains products using the Toolbox App

Note: These programs can also be downloaded and installed via the Toolbox App. For further information, please read the section "Install and manage JetBrains products using the Toolbox App".

If you are interested in further JetBrains products, you will find an overview of all tools offered by JetBrains under the link "" .

Note: JetBrains also offers free programs, the so-called community editions, which you can download and use without a license. Activation with a floating license is only required for the Professional or Ultimate versions.

Install JetBrains products

JetBrains products can be installed separately, or you can use the "Toolbox App" management tool to install and update JetBrains programs.

The Toolbox App could prove to be a convenient and clear tool for using and managing multiple JetBrains products. Furthermore, you have an overview of the JetBrains projects you have created directly in the Toolbox App.

Install each product separately

First download the desired program from the manufacturer's site (download link see contents of the "All Products Pack") and install it. You do not need administrator rights on your operating system for the installation.

The product will be activated the first time you start the program. Updates must be started and installed individually for each JetBrains product from the respective JetBrains program.

Install and manage JetBrains products using the Toolbox App

Alternatively, you have the possibility to install the management tool "Toolbox App" and manage all JetBrains products comfortably with it.

In general, the Toolbox App allows you to manage the following:

  • Install JetBrains programs
  • Uninstalling JetBrains programs
  • Installing Program Updates
  • Administration of own JetBrains projects
Further information and installation instructions for the Toolbox App

Installation and use of the Toolbox App

The Toolbox App offers the user a comfortable administration of his JetBrains programs. Using the Toolbox App, further JetBrains programs can be installed subsequently, and already installed programs can be uninstalled or updated to new versions (program updates).

To install the Toolbox App on your computer, follow these steps:

Note: If necessary, click on the small selection arrow (3) to open the drop-down menu and select the installation file for another operating system. The corresponding file extension will be displayed briefly and then the download window will open automatically.

  1. Download the Toolbox App from the JetBrains website The Toolbox App is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. The operating system is indicated by the file extension displayed. If the correct file extension is already displayed (1), click on the "Download" button (2) to download the installation file to your computer.



  1. Save the installation file on your hard drive and then install the Toolbox App on your computer.
  2. Start the Toolbox App and accept the privacy policy.
  3. A login window will then appear to log in with an existing JetBrains account. To use the floating license of DESY, you do not need a JetBrains account. Therefore, you can skip the login by clicking the "skip" button.



  1. Now you see the main window of the Toolbox App with an overview of already installed programs and tools that you can install via the Toolbox App.

    Here you can change the program settings and also check if updates for the installed tools are available. You can also switch to the Project Overview and open your projects directly from the Toolbox App.

    Click on the small plus symbol to enlarge the screenshot and view the explanations of the individual window contents.



Note 1: The Toolbox App recognizes the JetBrains programs you have already installed and lists them.

Note 2: If you uninstall the Toolbox App, all previously installed JetBrains programs will not be affected. These programs may have to be uninstalled individually manually.


Activation with a floating license

To activate the previously installed JetBrains program with a DESY floating license, carry out the following steps:

Note: If you have not installed any previous versions of the program, you can select the entry "Do not import settings" (1), if not already selected and confirm with the button "OK" (2).

  1. After you have successfully installed the desired JetBrains program, start the application.
  2. When starting the program for the first time, you may be asked if you want to import and use existing program settings for this installation. Make your selection accordingly and click the "OK" button.


  1. The activation window opens, in which you must enter the address of the license server. In the activation window first select the licensing method "License server" (2). Then enter the URL "" in the data field "Licence server address" (3).

    Finally click on the button "Activate" (4). The program is now activated with the DESY floating licence.
  1. After successful activation, you will see the start screen with the information that the program is licensed for DESY.

Support and contact person for JetBrains at IT

If you have questions or problems with JetBrains applications, please contact the UCO (User Consulting Office)