• Introduction
  • Scope and use of the ZEMAX-Licences
  • Supply / Installation of ZEMAX
  • ZEMAX on Notebooks
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Mailinglist
  • Central Support-Level
  • Contact for ZEMAX within DESY IT


      ZEMAX from Optima Research was, until 2009/10, installed on several computers at DESY using a decentralised dongle based system of licence verification. Motivated by a number of user requests, several floating-licences have been obtained and are now available centrally, allowing ZEMAX to used on any computer on campus without the obvious inconvenience posed by a dongle based system on a large campus. ZEMAX is only available on WINDOWS.

      Scope and use of the ZEMAX-Licences

      DESY is in possession of six so-called floating licenses of ZEMAX, so that the software can be installed on any number of computers, but can only be used on six computers at DESY at the same time. To avoid any bottlenecks at this point, unused started ZEMAX instances should always be closed, because further users will not be able to use ZEMAX after the license quota has been exhausted.

      Supply / Installation of ZEMAX

      To use ZEMAX, an account with the manufacturer is required - please contact the UCO to have this created. Once the account has been created, users will receive an e-mail from the manufacturer asking them to enter a password. In addition, an e-mail will be sent as soon as users have been categorized as "end users".

      Only after these initial steps, ZEMAX is available for Download and Installation for the first installation as well as for updates via the manufacturer's web pages; there are no DESY-local sources.

      After installation, ZEMAX must be aligned to the DESY license server in order to start - in view of the rather limited number of licenses, at least at present, this information is only available via the UCO.

      ZEMAX on Notebooks

      In order to use ZEMAX on a Notebook you must ensure that it has a connection to the Licence server at DESY. This means that the Notebook must be either directly connected to the DESY Intranet or the DESY-Intranet must be available via a connection such as VPN. To use ZEMAX  without a intranet connection a Dongle ("Key") must be obtained.


      The ZEMAX documentation will be installed automatically when you install ZEMAX. After starting ZEMAX the documentation can be accessed via the Help-function.


      If you are interested in a training course, please write a mail to it-training@desy.de. This service is exclusively available to DESY employees and its collaborative partners.


      The mailing-list zemax@desy.de has been introduced to provide communication between ZEMAX users, as well as to offer the possibility to send general information concerning the use of ZEMAX at DESY. If you wish to be added to the list, please send a mail to the UCO.


      The supply of the software is described above. It should be noted, that due to the limited amount of central expertise concerning ZEMAX within DESY IT, only rudimentary support can offered. For more detailed information concerning the use of ZEMAX, users should consult the dedicated web sites, ZMAX Users Knowledge Base and the support page from Optima Research.

      Contact for ZEMAX at IT

      Please contact UCO Hamburg  or alternatively contact UCO Zeuthen