Mathematica @ DESY

  1. Introduction
  2. Scope, Use and the cost of the Mathematica licences
  3. Supply and application of Mathematica
  4. Mathematica on Notebooks
  5. Documentation
  6. Central Support-Level
  7. Contacts for Mathematica at IT


Mathematica from Wolfram Research, together with Mathcad and Maple, completes the central supply of mathematical software.
  Mathematica is provided on site via so called concurrent licences, which together with a licence server, ensures cost effective use of Mathematica at DESY. The server provides users with licences on demand, and, whilst allowing Mathematica to be installed on any number of machines at DESY, it ensures that the maximum number of concurrently running instances of Mathematica may not exceed the number of licences purchased.

Scope, Use and the Cost of the Mathematica Licence

At present DESY holds 55 floating licences for Mathematica (50 available until 30.7.2012, 44 available until 8.12.2011, 29 available until 30.01.2010). This means that 44 users can simultaneously work with Mathematica at DESY. To prevent unnecessarily blocking other potential users from obtaining one of the limited number of floating licences, Mathematica application should always be closed if not in use.

In addition to the floating licences there are Home-Use-Licences available. These Licences are used for Mathematica applications which are independent of the network.

Supply and application of Mathematica

       The provision of Mathematica is done centrally for Windows per NetInstall, and correspondingly for Linux per AFS. The installation is configured for operation with the IT-Licence server, this being the preferred installation method. Until now you could also install Mathematica with a CD, now it can be done via download.

Mathematica on Notebooks

A connection to the DESY-Intranet is necessary to be able to use Mathematica on your Notebook using the floating licences, otherwise the licence server at the DESY facility can not be reached. One possible way to connect to the DESY-Intranet is via VPN.

If you are planning to use Mathematica on your Notebook without a connection to the DESY-Intranet we recommend that you apply for a Home-Use-Licence. For this application you need to send an E-Mail to the UCO, this will be forwarded to the producer - however it should be mentioned that most of the time all the available Home-Use-Licences are in use.

The mail must contain the following:
-Version of Mathematica
-MathID (or Machine ID)

How to find the MathID (xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx):
1. open Mathematica and click "Help" -> "About Mathematica"
2. click the button "System Information"
3. the MathID can be found in the new opened window

Important: Home-Use-Licences are only valid for a period of one year. They expire every year on the 08. May with the end of DESY's maintenance contract and are not prolonged automatically. This means that they must be reapplied for each year.


The Mathematica documentation will be installed automatically when you install Mathematica. After starting Mathematica the documentation can be accessed over the Help-function.

Central Support-Level

The supply of the software is described above. It should be noted, that due to the limited amount of central expertise concerning Mathematica within IT, only rudimentary support can be offered.

Contacts for Mathematica at IT

Please contact UCO Hamburg or alternatively contact UCO Zeuthen.