MATLAB from "The MathWorks" is used throughout DESY, especially within the operation of the accelerators, thus making it a piece of core software at DESY.

MATLAB is provided on site via so called concurrent licences, which together with a licence server, ensures cost effective use of MATLAB at DESY. The server provides users with licences on demand, and whilst allowing MATLAB to be installed on any number of machines at DESY, it ensures that the maximum number of concurrently running instances of MATLAB may not exceed the number of licences purchased.

Given the significance of MATLAB at DESY, two independent licence server have been available since 2006. These are hosted within the IT and MVP groups respectively. It should be noted that these two licences servers are not identical: the server within MVP makes available a limited/tailored set of licences for the different MATLAB-/SIMULINK components; in contrast the IT server provides a more extensive collection of modules, whilst in addition providing a greater number of licences for selected modules. Details of the available modules for each server are listed in the table below.

In addition to the DESY license server, the University Hamburg and the Max-Planck-Society hold own licenses for their users.
Members of the University Hamburg and the Max-Planck-Society (and only those) are advised to use the corresponding license server whenever possible.
More information about the appropriate license servers and configurations can be found here.

Scope, Use and Cost of the Concurrent-MATLAB Licences

Current license usage

Up-to-date list of available, free and used licenses:

IT provides Matlab licenses centrally for the generally use at DESY.
In addition, MCS provides Matlab licenses that are limited for the operation of the accelerators on the consoles in the BKR.
The contact person in this case is Tim Wilksen (MCS).

Due to the relative expense of the MATLAB licences, the number of floating licences is limited; additional information concerning this licence model can be found here.

So as to prevent unnecessarily blocking other potential users from obtaining one of the limited number of floating licences, MATLAB application should always be closed if not in use.

Please note: If you have used a toolbox, the allocated licence is only made available to other users again, once you close MATLAB completely - and not simply once you no longer use the toolbox.

MATLAB in continuous use - licence options

If you find that you have the need to use MATLAB continuously, the concurrent- licence is probably not the best solution for you, as it can not be guaranteed that a licence is available to you at all times. However if you need a licence for a longer period of time or even continuously (for running a machine) please get in contact with IT ( see "Contact for MATLAB at IT ").

Supply and application of MATLAB

The supply of MATLAB (inclusive components mentioned above) is done centrally for Windows per DSM; this installation is configured for the operation with the IT-Licenceserver and is the preferred installation method. Although it remains possible to install MATLAB with a CD, which can be borrowed at the UCO.

MATLAB on Notebooks

To be able to start MATLAB on your noteboks the basic requirement is a connection to the DESY Intranet, for example via VPN. This connection is necessary because the licence server can only be reached through the DESY intranet. If MATLAB has to be used on a Notebook which is not connected to the DESY-intranet a standalone licence has to be bought.


The MATLAB documentation will be installed automatically when you install MATLAB. After starting MATLAB the documentation can be accessed over the Help-function.


If you are interested in a training course, please write a mail to

Central Support-Level

The supply of the software is described above. It should be noted, that due to the limited amount of central usage/expertise concerning MATLAB within IT, only rudimentary support can be offered.

Contact for MATLAB at IT

Please contact UCO Hamburg or alternatively contact UCO Zeuthen.