Chargeable licenses of software solutions that are provided centrally by IT throughout DESY are procured by IT via DESY purchasing (V4). The procurement of decentrally used licenses subject to charges is the responsibility of the respective groups and is carried out via ebiss (V4).

In addition, there are of course a multitude of possibilities to download and use further required software via Internet - however, the following must be considered:

  • The EDV-conditions of use- apply, e.g. illegal and/or cracked software or keys circulating on the Internet are not allowed to be used!
  • The respective license conditions of the downloaded software are to be considered! 
  • There is free of charge Software for the private use at home, but in the operational use at DESY it is liable to pay costs and therefore may not be used for official purposes, unless it has been purchased for DESY:
Some examples of the latter:
  • Oracle Virtual Box Extension Pack
  • Oracle Java
  • TeamViewer
  • Docker Desktop
  • MariaDB proxy MaxScale
  • Anaconda (Python distribution)
  • ...