DESY offers Network Licenses for the usage of LabVIEW at DESY Hamburg and Zeuthen.

Provision of LabView

Since version "Spring 2018", LabVIEW has been provided under Windows via the directory S:\services\Software\LabVIEW (also accessible from Linux/MacOS). The installation and use of LabVIEW is subject to the regulations specified by National Instruments. You can find the current license agreements on the following National Instruments website:

Due to licensing restrictions, the installation and use of LabVIEW through the central DESY licence server is limited to DESY devices and academic purposes.

Please do not try to activate licenses directly through National Instruments. These activations will either be rejected or invalidated.

Employees of other institutes, who do not have access to a DESY device, can in general not be granted the use of DESY LabVIEW licences due to licensing restrictions. In such a case, please contact the IT department of your home institute.


Instructions for license activation of LabVIEW at DESY can be found on the following websites:

Documentation on the usage of LabVIEW is provided with the LabVIEW installation from National Instruments or can be found on the NI web pages (


National Instruments offers LabVIEW training, which is available on our premises. If you are interested in a training course, please send an email to

Mailing List

To simplify communication between LabVIEW users and for general communications, the mailing list has been set up; if you are interested in being included, please subscribe using the following link:

Central Support Level

The software will be provided as described above; in terms of content, we will only be able to support LabVIEW rudimentarily, if at all, due to a lack of central use - in this case the exchange via the above mailing list might be helpful.

Contact for LabView at IT

UCO Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0)40 8998 5005
E-Mail: UCO Hamburg
Location: 2b / 131d

UCO Zeuthen

Phone: +49 (0)33762 7 7324
E-Mail: UCO Zeuthen
Location: 1R / 21